An evening with Senator Larry Obhof

Photo from 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner with
Ohio Senator Larry Obhof and Ohio House Speaker William G Batchelder III

This evening I attended a fundraiser for Senator Larry Obhof, current President of the Ohio Senate. What a blessing it is to have Senator Obhof be our representative in Columbus. With great leaders like President Obhof and former House Speaker Batchelder being from Medina, I can say we have been well represented in the past many years.

It was also great to see so many old friends and meet some new ones. I have been attending events like this for many years but normally as the photographer, It was a little different without my camera in hand. Senator Obhof talked to us about the work involved to turn Ohio around, we were loosing jobs and money fast a few years ago. Within the past few years our state officials have worked hard, at least in the senate, to turn things around including reducing the tax brackets and cutting taxes for all Ohioans. Companies are investing in Ohio again and jobs are returning. Senator Matt Dolan also spoke and shared even more good news. He spoke about Larry’s ability to work across the aisle, for what is best for all Ohioans not just his party.

My take away was the good feeling that our government is doing, at least in the Ohio Senate, what is should be doing, Working for the people. It sure would be nice if our National government could follow and do the same.

I would like to thank former House Representative Chuck and Sandy Calvert for organizing and hosting this evenings event, and Mark and Ally Williams of Williams on the Lake for use of your wonderful facility and refreshments.

I also had a chance to meet one of our neighbor Coach Jim Tressel. He and his wife used to attend church in Montrose where my wife Kim is the organist. I mentioned this when we met and they knew all about Kim and asked how she was doing, if she was still doing lessons and how much they enjoyed her. This is always the case, I live in my wife’s shadows, but that is what happens when you marry up. He and his wife are very kind, it was nice to meet them. He asked who I played ball for in college, I have know idea why he thought I might have played football.

Bob Mihalko with Coach Jim Tressel and Dennis Hanwell at Ohio State Senator Larry Obhof event.
Bob Mihalko with Coach Jim Tressel (Mayor Hanwell photo bombing in the back)

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