I’m running for Council to protect our Community Spirit. This is What Makes Medina Special

~ Bob Mihalko

Take 30 seconds to watch why I’m Running for Medina City Council-At_large

Bob Mihalko on why he is running for Medina City Council

With Tuesday November 5th really just hours away I would like to comment on the election process. It has been a pleasure to reunite with so many of my old friends in Medina, and meet and make so many new ones.

I’m running for City Council to preserve what matters most in Medina, the spirit of community. This spirit is what makes Medina so special and different from any other place I have ever been.

When I started this process I have to admit I really was not sure what my driving force or desire to do this really was. I simply knew it was time to raise my hand and get involved. I had an inner voice pushing me to do this and do it now. That was last February. Through this process I discovered how our community was dividing over very partisan issues. Far Right and Far Left concerns and ideas. Medina has always been able to avoid this and live together democrat, republican and independent with very little concern about national views and such, till this year. Not only has this year become partisan but it has become polarized, and the spirit of community that we ( I ) hold so dear is struggling because of it.

Medina’s government was set up in a non partisan format. Some say this was to keep party politics out of our city and some say in the 1950’s everyone was a republican so nobody would be able to run against anyone otherwise, but regardless of the why, that is the reality. This year the number one question I have been getting is, “are you a Republican or a Democrat?” To answer it for you I am a Republican that Loves and Believes in the People of his community. The Community that Raised Me and Supported Me and that I have Supported and Given Back to for the past 30 years as an Adult. It does not really matter my Political Leanings, that is simply my compass to Guide My Life Path. What matters to me is My Family, My Friends, and My Community, the place that I can make a difference in someones life, even if it is small. I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Straight, Gay, Black, White or not sure of any of it. If you are here, in Medina, your my neighbor and I want to hear your concerns and see if I can help you. In Medina my blood runs Green and White.

With all that said I know I will not always be able to make everyone happy all of the time. I will be faced with some very large challenges, much like what is and has been going on this year. In these times I feel strongly community involvement in the early stages and strong communication without bias will be required. At least this is my goal for moving us forward and helping us heal. Now is the time for Medina to come together and find the happy middle ground and to communicate. This is a two way street, sometimes even more, everyone needs to be willing to work together for what is right for all.

If given the opportunity to serve as your council at large, my door will always be open to all views. I will work hard to research these difficult projects out and keep lines of communication open. I will have to make choices that are not always popular with any political bias, but will always be with the bias of what I feel is best for Medina – at the time. Changes are here and more are coming. Not all change is good, but some is. Together we can move into the future of our community and still keep our spirit alive for generations to come.

In short I’m running for Council at Large to serve you, all of you and to fight to keep our Community Spirit United and Strong for generations to come.

I hope I will earn your trust. Please remember to vote November 5th if you have not already. I respectfully request you vote for Bob Mihalko for Council at Large.

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